Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Another Stalled Texas System...

Much of South Texas received 6-12”+ rainfall today as that weak tropical wave that moved inland from the Gulf stalled.  This happens often over south Texas, but I was thinking…what if that system had stalled over us?   Some spots got the 12”+ totals in less than 6 hours.  Can you imagine what that would have done with our restricted pumping capacity in Orleans Parish?   We have reached the time of the year where slow moving tropical systems  present real challenges for those of us who live without elevation.  As the MJO (Madden-Julian Oscillation) heads into the favorable (rising air) phase the next 1-2 weeks, I’ll be on the lookout for something showing up in our part of the world.  Fortunately, none of the models indicate development during the next 7-10 days with the most likely region being in the Eastern Pacific.   I find it remarkable that there is ZERO tropical activity on the planet tonight.    Stay tuned!


The summer Solstice arrives tomorrow which is pretty meaningless to us since we have had summer-like heat since mid-May.  Where places up north put up with 5-6 months of Winter, we have to endure 5-6 months of summer  heat & humidity.   Our past Spring was so terrific that I haven’t really minded the last 30 days of heat.    A band of tropical downpours across east Texas & SW LA. Will move to the northeast and stay mainly north & west of us on Thursday.   Friday thru Monday looks mostly dry resulting in highs back in the low to mid 90s.    We unveil the 2018 Tarpon Rodeo Poster tomorrow night at Boomtown in Harvey.  This year’s President Billy Nungesser will have the honor around 7 PM. 

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