Monday, June 4, 2018

Front Fizzles But Boundary left Behind...

What usually happens to southward moving fronts at this time of the year is they lose their upper push/support and either stall or dissipate over or along our coast.   Today’s weak front did make it past Bogalusa and down to Pascagoula, but it stalled across the North Shore.  Some storms have fired off just south of the boundary and more are expected over night as an upper disturbance over east Texas heads our way.   I gave my plants and lawn a good soaking today as they were starting to show the effects of high temps and little rain.   It appears Tuesday will see several rounds of storms pass thru moving from the WNW down to the ESE.   This certainly is not our typical summer pattern where we see showers move in from the SE to the NW rotating around the Bermuda High/Atlantic Ridge.  Regardless, rain is rain and we’ll take whatever relief we can get from the heat no matter what triggers it.   David has mentioned for days how we could get into the “ring of fire” pattern around an upper high that builds in and then retreats back and forth from Texas.  That pattern sometimes brings clusters of heavy storms with heavy rains, high winds & some hail.   SPC (Storm Prediction Center) has us in the marginal/low risk area tomorrow so pay attention as we could see one round during morning drive with anther around noon with a third late afternoon or evening. 


Most models are showing tropical development in the EPAC (eastern Pacific) in the 7-10 time frame and that usually means the Atlantic basin stays quiet.  With another volcano erupting in Mexico, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a global cooling of temperatures later this Summer into the Fall, especially if the eruptions continue spewing smoke & ash up into the higher altitudes.  Stay tuned!   I will be away from my computer for several days unless something should develop.  Should be posting/blogging again next week.

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