Thursday, June 28, 2018

Rain Chances Going Up...

In my discussion last night, I mentions a large upper ridge(heat wave) was forecasted to build eastward out of the Rockies (Denver hit 105 today) into the plains & across the Ohio Valley into the Northeast for this weekend.  We will stay on the underside of the ridge with a “ring of fire” pattern of heavy T-Storms rotating around the ridge.  In addition, several tropical waves will push across the northern Gulf from the east enhancing our typical (30-40%) daily shower chances to above normal (60-80%) for Saturday thru Tuesday.  David showed a rain graphic on his early broadcast showing as much as 5”+ totals over the next 5 days.  Hey, we could really use a good soaking, but more importantly, more clouds & rain mean less hot temps.  Today (96) missed the record by only one degree.   I’ll take any relief as long as the rains don’t come too much too fast.   The first line of storms is rotating around the upper ridge tonight thru MS/AL/FL and will get close to us before falling apart.  I’ll be watching for any kind of spin developing once the line pushes down over the warm Gulf.


The Eastern Pacific remains active while the Gulf, Caribbean & Atlantic are quiet.  NHC says there will be no tropical development during the next 5 days, however, I would not be surprised to see a weak low form over the NE Gulf from one of these storm complexes Saturday thru Tuesday.    I appears we’ll get through June with no named storm and only have May’s Alberto so far on the books.   Hope the quietness continues.  Stay tuned!

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