Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Respect For the Heat...

Sunday afternoon into midday on Monday I was out fishing trying to restock my freezer with trout.   We had 4 guys who could fish and we ended up with a 2 day total of 4 reds, 3 bass, 1 sheepshead and ZERO trout.  We did catch 4 undersized trout but threw them back along with several rat reds and many catfish, lady fish & needle fish.    What is wrong in the Marsh?   I think the waters are just too warm(90+) and most trout have headed to deeper water off the barrier islands and into the Gulf.   Not that I didn’t already know, but spending many hours in sunshine and 90+ heat, my body really felt whupped and I tried to stay hydrated.  Same thing happened on the golf course this afternoon.   If you plan to be outside either working or playing, you must stay hydrated & ahead of any symptoms of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.   We have another 2 ½ months of this heat to endure and we often don’t have the respect for the heat that we should have.  Mother Nature doesn’t play games.  Be smart, take breaks and drink lots of fluids.


NHC started to issue possibilities for development off the North Carolina coast during the next couple of days.   I frankly don’t see that happening since the upper winds appear too strong.  Even if something were to from, it would be steered well out to sea away from the U.S.   Computer models continue to show an active East Pacific for the next 5-10 days.  As I pointed out in previous blogs, my experience recalls when the East Pac is active the Gulf & Atlantic basins are not,    Let’s see if that holds going into July.  What appears to be developing is a large summer heat wave that will spread from the central plains into the Northeast.  The center of the upper ridge will be far to our north and we’ll be on the “ring of fire” that will rotate around the ridge.  That should mean daily T-Storms for us keeping it less hot.    Stay tuned!

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