Sunday, July 8, 2018

Hard to Follow Weak Disturbances...

Today we stayed below 90 (87) as a weak upper disturbance created lots of clouds and widespread rain coverage.   There is a well-defined upper low over the Southern Gulf with another one over eastern Cuba tonight creating lots of wind shear that should mean no tropical development around us.  We’ll just deal with our daily spotty showers that most days form before daybreak over the coastal waters and redevelop inland with daytime heating.  As usual, some areas get 1-2” in less than an hour while others nearby get enough to settle the dust.   You can expect basic summertime for us this week.


Satellite loops tonight show Tropical Storm Chris getting better organized on his way to becoming a hurricane.  Since he is over some of the warmest waters off the Carolina coast, I expect him to easily become a Cat. 1 or 2.  Fortunately, all computer models take Chris away from land.   Beryl has been downgraded to an open wave, however, NHC says she could reform in 48-72 hours east of the Bahamas.  In fact, several computer models are showing this so we may not have seen the end of Beryl.    The important thing for us is no model has anything forming in the Gulf over the next 7-10 days.  Stay tuned!

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