Sunday, July 1, 2018

More Clouds & Rain Will mean less Hot...

No major changes in the thinking of the past several blogs.  The daylight-visible satellite loops had a rotation inland over south Al/GA while tonight’s  radar loop shows a low level circulation offshore south of Destin.   This whole system is expected to drift westward during the next 2-3 days bringing more clouds & showers that will mean less hot temperatures.  Today’s high reached 96 with tomorrow’s high staying below 90 while Tuesday should stay in the 80s.    NHC has not put out any probabilities for development of this system, but if the center is over water, don’t be surprised to see a special tropical statement on Monday.  Will it become a major storm?  Absolutely not, but it could become a weak depression at worst.  Regardless, we are in for several days of above normal (70-80%) shower coverage that could produce several inches 0f rainfall.  Since these will be tropical downpours, some spots could receive 3-5” or more.   It will be a welcomed break from our current hot and mostly dry pattern.


The European is trying to suggest a wave out in the Atlantic might show some development, but I don’t see how that can happen with all the Saharan dust covering the tropics.  The Eastern Pacific remains active with the Gulf, Caribbean & Atlantic quiet.  Stay tuned!

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