Thursday, September 27, 2018

September Will End Warm...

Decided to go fishing today instead of golfing since it was supposed to rain. (fish don’t know it’s raining!)   And rain it did with lots of lightning that forced us inside for 2 hours.  What I noticed was water temperatures are still very warm, but speckled trout have returned to the inside waters.  I think that is because of the longer nights that tell fish winter is coming and it’s time to feed & get ready for the winter chill.  Shrimp & bait fish are everywhere and it’s an exciting time to fish the Louisiana marsh.   A weak frontal boundary has stalled over us and is causing above normal rain chances that should last into the weekend.  I still don’t see a real front coming until after October 10th at the soonest.  I still believe we’ll see the second half of October  turn noticeably cooler, and for many, that will be none too soon.  


The Tropics have several systems to follow, but there is nothing that indicates we will see any threat for the next 7-10 days.  Stay tuned!

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