Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Cold Air Is NOT Coming...

There is a song on the radio that says….”The Saints are coming, the Saints are coming…”   And I must admit my final score was slightly off (38-27), but the Saints did win & they are really coming Who Dat Nation!   Unfortunately, models are not showing any cold air making it down to our part of the country for the next 2-3 weeks.  That, coupled with the MJO going into the rising air phase, makes me nervous regarding a late season storm.  Several models are hinting that there will be development over the western Caribbean or Bahamas the second week of October.  Without a front to come down and block movement towards us, I have put the “Fat Lady” on hold allowing her to accept some Casino gigs until we know for sure those “cold fronts are coming”.   For now, they are not.   An upper level high will build over us this week and that should put an end to our daily showers by Tuesday through Thursday.   That will result in high temperatures flirting with records once again.   I suspect when those fronts start coming, they will be really strong, sweater weather type fronts that will give us no time to acclimate ourselves to the Fall chill.  We’ll go from the 80s to the 40’s & 50s with the usual chorus…”it’s too cold”.   Such problems we should have!


Leslie remains stuck way out in the Atlantic showing no signs of ever threatening land.   Nothing is coming off of Africa and we have reached the end of worrying about those long track storms.  Any threat for us will come from some closer in system that is not there yet.   Tomorrow begins October and history tells us we have only seen 2 major (Cat. 3+) land falling hurricanes this month and both of them happened during the first week.   Let’s hope history is on our side again this year.  Stay tuned!

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