Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Trying to Quit Summer, Hard to Do...

Yes we are now into official Fall and yes, we are in the last week of September , but no we still feel very Summer-like with no real  pattern change expected until after October 10th.   It appears we have ended the extreme heat of earlier this month and with daily showers keeping highs in the mid to upper 80s, one would think that is relief?  However, the humidity remains through the roof and the air just feels “heavy”.   To have a cold front…”oh what a relief it is!”, but it’s not happening in the short term.   In fact, rain changes look above normal through Friday at least so those mold spores will be having a field day with our allergies.   I am encouraged to see the cold building over Alaska & Canada (with snow!) and when an east coast trough returns to drive that air southward, we’ll say…”only when you’ve been in the deepest, darkest valley (summer for 5 + months) can you appreciate how glorious it is (Real Fall-October!) on the mountaintop.   Often like the runner, those last miles are the toughest.   Suck it up my friends, it will turn cooler soon.


The Tropics are semi-active with Kirk back to a Tropical Storm as it approaches the islands, but likely to quickly dissipate once under higher wind shear in the Caribbean Sea.  Leslie is predicted to become a strong hurricane way out in the Atlantic during the next 5-7 days and will stay well out to sea.   Several long range models are hinting of development over the western Gulf during the second week in October.   Not too concerned since we should be seeing some cold fronts coming by then (I hope) and they would block/steer any storm to our east.   That is one reason I am delaying the “Fat lady” from singing until we are sure those fronts are coming.  Stay tuned!

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