Friday, September 28, 2018

Was It a Front???

I was out playing golf with the marvelous one (Marvin Bernstein-Delta World Tires) this morning and when we teed off at 9 AM the wind was out of the south, clouds were hanging low and the humidity was “thick”.  Something happened about an hour later as the winds shifted out of the north, the low clouds dissipated and the air felt noticeably drier & slightly cooler.  It definitely was a different feel.   It only lasted about 6 hours as t-storms erupted south of the city along a boundary that I think really was a cold front pushing through this morning.  I mentioned yesterday that our first real front is not in sight for the next 10-14 days, but some kind of boundary  did move through today.  Call it whatever, it felt nice and is a sign of things to come.  Unfortunately, we’re back in the muggies for this weekend and for the first half of October.


The Tropics are very active in the Pacific and central Atlantic, but around us all is quiet.  Kirk has encountered the westerly upper wind shear and his center of circulation has been exposed as all of the T-Storms have been blown away from the rotating.  NHC has told him goodbye.  Leslie will become a strong hurricane over the next 5-7 days and could threaten Bermuda, but the eastern U.S. looks to stay safe.  Unless something breaks out in the Gulf, we’re almost to October when our chances for any major storm making LA/MS landfall drops to near zero.   Sure would feel better if I saw cold fronts coming, but will have to be patient.  Enjoy your weekend…Saints 38 Giants 27…Who Dat!  Stay tuned!

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