Thursday, October 11, 2018

Avoid The Eyewall...

Watching the various network news programs this evening clearly showed the almost total destruction of structures that were in the eyewall of Michael.   We have heard for years that, " a hurricane is more than a point".  Translation...impacts can be felt many miles from the center.   However, it's clear to me over the years, if you can stay outside the eyewall where the winds are the strongest, your structure will/should be able to withstand the wind forces.   Typically, the eye of a hurricane is 10-20 miles wide with the eyewall 10-20 miles around he eye.   So if you can follow the center line track, you'll know where the worst impacts will occur.   This was a really bad storm that was extremely well predicted days in advance.   People have to learn that riding it out or hunkering down when a major hurricane is coming, is not very smart.   I hope all of you in SE LA/MS saw what can/will happen here when another storm stronger than Katrina comes.   Buildings will fail, levees will be topped and those foolish enough to stay behind will die.  Period.   We will not have to deal with that type of storm anymore this year.  The MJO is going into the unfavorable (sinking air) phase and cold fronts are coming so we are safe for the rest of this season.  However, we all know it's only a matter of time.  That threat will come our way someday in the future.

What a beautiful day with bright sunshine and low humidity.  We haven't felt this good since back in early May.  It won't last long as the muggies will return by Sunday.  Models were bullish about another strong front for next week, but they have backed off some today.  Really cold air (20s & 30s) covers much of the Rockies & Plains where they have gone from Summer to Winter in a matter of weeks.  Hopefully, we'll have a more gradual transition where our Fall will be as nice as our last Spring?   And wouldn't that be nice!  Stay tuned!

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