Monday, October 15, 2018

Chill is Coming, Slowly...

It’s mid-October and we tied a record high of 90 degrees.  Aw C’mon, 90 degrees on Oct. 15th?   Way too warm for so late into Fall.  I’ve mentioned before, when it’s one extreme, the weather usually goes to the other and I do expect sweater weather to really arrive by this Sunday.    It’s heavy coat weather in Texas where Dallas never got out of the 40s today, but that kind of chill will stay just to our west as the cold front will lose upper support and only stagger through us late tomorrow or early on Wednesday.  That will drop our temps 10-15 degrees which should get us to where we should be at this time of the year.  The weekend front arrives late Saturday and it will be stronger pushing down into the Gulf bringing a spell of good feeling air behind it.   I’m so excited that I’m going into the attic to switch out my Winter weather gear (sweaters) for my summer t-shirts & shorts.   I have noticed my grapefruit tree (which is loaded again) starting to change colors as the cooler nights start to work their magic.  In another 3-4 weeks, I should be picking my first fruit.  Satsumas are ready now, but grapefruit needs colder air to sweeten up.   


Saw more video of several newly constructed homes that had little damage despite being in the eyewall of Michael.   Yes you can/must build stronger in hurricane prone areas.   Concrete & steel does cost more than wood, but look at the results.  Florida will build back, but how they build will determine if past history repeats in the future.  Stay tuned!

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