Monday, October 29, 2018

Foggy Time of the Year?

There are 2 basic fog situations we encounter here in SE LA/MS… Radiation fog & advection fog.   Radiation fog happens when winds are calm & skies are clear allowing for rapid cooling to occur near the surface,  Advection fog occurs when warm, moist air flows over cooler waters.  Both fogs involve a cooling process that chills the air to the dew point resulting in condensation to occur.   A glass of ice tea in the summer will get water drops/dew to form on the outside of the glass as the water vapor in the air comes in contact with the cold glass of the iced tea.   That kind of fog (radiation) is likely to happen tomorrow morning.  The advection fog that happens over Lake Pontchartrain occurs when the Lake’s water temp. falls below 60, but that is not the case tonight as water temps are still 70+.  So look for the dense fog over the land areas and surrounding lakes and less likely over bigger Lake P.   and the Gulf.   We are likely to challenge record highs Tuesday & Wednesday before a strong cold front brings back the good feel air Thursday through Saturday.   This front will have strong upper support and SPC (Storm Prediction Center) is expecting some severe weather to develop along/ahead of this front.  The most likely time frame for severe storms will be after midnight on Halloween and before 6 AM on Thursday.  That should mean the kids will have a dry track to Trick or Treat.


Hurricane Oscar is off to the races heading back northward into the open Atlantic.  With one month left in the 2018 hurricane season, 15 named storms are more than enough.   Any November storms will have to form down in the Caribbean or out over the Atlantic.   Cold fronts have shut down the Gulf and we are all happy for that.  Stay tuned!

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