Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Heat Relief Coming...

Today’s high only reached 89, 3 short of the record of 92, but way above the normal/average of 80.  Much colder air remains over western & northern Louisiana, but it has struggled to make much headway towards us as a large upper high is anchored over the SE & Gulf Coast.   The front continues to stagger closer to us and should arrive sometime before daybreak.  This will be a very shallow layer of cooler air making for lots of low clouds & fog on Wednesday morning.  You should notice a different feel when you head off to work tomorrow, but the core of the cold will stay to our north.  We’ll have to wait until Saturday evening for a real cold front  to roar through making for a great feeling Sunday.   Best rain chances will be with the front Saturday afternoon & evening.   There could be some light rain/drizzle tomorrow morning with the weaker front, but that will be more a nuisance.   Next week could turn stormy & we should get used to it,  since in an El Nino year, the southern/northern Gulf storm track usually gets very active.   Once into December with colder air around…who knows?  Could this be the year of Winter snows across the Gulf coast?   I don’t mind cooler.  I do mind Arctic Blasts & snow.


ABC News had the owner of the house still standing after being in Michael’s eyewall.   How did he do it?   Build out of concrete & steel, have pilings down to 40 feet, have smaller windows and the mandatory elevation that allows the storm surge waves to pass underneath the house.  What I think will happen is folks will just take their insurance money and rebuild the same way as before the storm.  Lesson learned?   Nope.  Stay tuned!

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