Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Heed the Hype...

During my career I was very conservative during severe weather episodes, often underplaying the threat in an effort to not panic viewers.  However, there are times, like tonight, where hyping an event is warranted.  The  SPC (Storm Prediction Center) has placed most 0f NOLA under a level 3 (Enhanced) risk for severe storms/tornadoes due to a deep upper low that will result in extreme directional wind shear that could cause rotating storms along a squall line.  The most likely time line is between 3-6 AM.  So what is one to do?  Stay up all night?   No way, but David suggested you keep your cell phone near your bed in case any warnings are issued overnight.   Of course that assumes you already have downloaded the FOX 8 weather app.   Years ago, you could receive warnings only from radio or TV.   Newer technology has made us much safer since the minute NWS issues a warning, our weather app relays it to your phone.  No one needs to be surprised if a tornado develops during the nighttime hours.  You still have time to download the FOX 8 Weather App before these storms arrive.  Protect yourself & your family by knowing in advance if a tornado danger is near you.   Tonight is one of those nights to PAY ATTENTION to the weather.  Stay tuned!

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