Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Michael Continues To Get Stronger...

Hurricane Michael is getting better organized and now presents a classic picture of a major hurricane over the eastern Gulf.   The main weather buoy near the center has winds to 50+, gusting to 65 with wave heights nearly 28 feet!   The 1 pm update from NHC has wind speeds at 110 mph and I suspect, based on satellite presentation, they’ll increase them to 115-120 on the 4 pm update.  On the WV (Water Vapor) loop, you can clearly see the SW winds shear over us that will begin to impact the NW side of Michael by this evening.  That should start the recurve to the NE with the landfall bullseye remaining near Panama City around midday Wednesday.   The impacts for us will be higher tides with flooding outside the levee protection system, some gusty winds (20-30+), but very little rainfall.  Once Michael passes to our east, we’ll start to feel the much drier and cooler air that will wrap around the backside of this storm.  Thursday through Sunday look near perfect here.  However, this storm will cause major destruction to coastal Florida from Destin eastward with the worst around and to the right (east) of the center.   Power outages could last for many days or perhaps weeks as we saw after Katrina.   Do not plan on sight-seeing over that way until the danger has passed and local governments give the all clear.   Michael has yet to make the turn to the NE, but that should begin during the next 6-12 hours.   Next update later this evening, unless some new info comes out at 4 PM.  Stay tuned!

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