Monday, October 22, 2018

Morning Chill Felt Good...

As I went out to get my morning Advocate, I noticed how chilly it was.  My thermometer read 60 degrees at my house but across the Lake it was in the mid to upper 40s.  Which got me thinking…”is this really cold for late October?”   Nope, the record low for today is 39 degrees so the 62 in Kenner wasn’t even close.  With water temps in Lake P. still in the 70s, it’ll take several more strong cold fronts to chill it into the 60s.  Then the “Lake Effect” on the South Shore will not be as great and we’ll start to feel the kind of chill the North Shore gets.   But not for the next 3 days as the muggies are back along with the threat for some rain.   Tomorrow doesn’t look like a pretty day with lots of clouds and several shower periods.  Wednesday should be mostly dry before Thursday turns stormy as some upper energy from Hurricane Willa in the Pacific  reaches the northern Gulf.   Once that’s bye us, Friday looks dry & cooler with next weekend mostly dry & pleasant.   No real cold is coming for the next 7-10 days, but no summer-like warmth is likely either.   Keep the umbrellas nearby tomorrow & Thursday as those days will have the higher rain chances.


Hurricane Willa reached Cat. 5 earlier today (160 mph), but has weakened down to Cat. 4 tonight (145 mph).  When she makes landfall after noon tomorrow, her winds should be down to a Cat. 2 (100-110 mph).  The NHC projected landfall will keep the worse effects well north of Puerto Vallarta.   No models are developing anything around us for the next 7-10 days.  Water temps in the northern Gulf have come down several degrees, but it’s still well above 80.   What has changed is the upper wind flow (shear) that prevents storms from coming our way in late October.   Stay tuned!

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