Sunday, October 21, 2018

No Colder Than this...

This weekend was the St. Catherine of Siena’s annual Fair and they finally had a terrific weather day, although Friday & Saturday weren’t all bad.    Despite all day sunshine, highs stayed in the lower 70s with a nice northerly breeze and low humidity.  Doesn’t get much better than this and I wish this is as cold as it gets since I hate real cold weather.   But alas, I know that can’t be the case as we know what to expect between November & March.  Our good feel air will last through Monday before clouds and some showers overspread us from the SW on Tuesday.   Several models are hinting low pressure will form over the Northern Gulf late Wednesday into Thursday racing up the east coast for next weekend.   That should drag down some more good feel air for Friday into Sunday, so next weekend looks to be another winner.   Halloween comes the following weekend and it’s too soon to speculate this far ahead.


I came across this video on the internet and really thought all of us in “Hurricane Land” should see it.    It moved me with emotion.     See what you think.   Stay tuned!


Oh, Saints Win!   Sometimes it’s good to be lucky.  Who Dat!


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