Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Not Cold, But Just Right...

Finally our high temp stayed in the 70s after a stretch around 90 that felt like we were still in summer.  OK, so the humidity was still high, but today  felt just right.  You “cold air freaks” will love hearing that in another 10-12 days some really cold air will plunge down to the Gulf Coast requiring sweaters and heavy jackets.   As you know, I hate the really cold air and I’m not looking to Winter down South.  However, cold air does kill any hurricane threats so I guess one has to look at the positives…cold air = no hurricanes.   Our next front will blow through during the day on Saturday and it will bring some really nice good feeling air for Sunday & Monday.   There might be some showers with this front, but it shouldn’t be an all-day event.  Highs will be in the 80s ahead of the front on Saturday, but will struggle to top 70 on Sunday.    It’ll finally feel like October.


Watching TWC  praise the relief efforts tonight was encouraging to see that we have learned from past history.  From energy crews to truck food caravans to basic local citizens  all offering assistance shows what America is really about.  The hurricane might have affected a small part of Florida, but states across the country know it could be them next time and they could need the help.  Neighbors helping neighbors.  What a country!  Stay tuned!

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