Saturday, October 13, 2018

Real Cold Still waiting Till Next week...

While the Tropics have shut down as the MJO has gone into the unfavorable (sinking air) phase. we still are waiting for sweater weather to show up.   Yea, it felt nice the past few mornings. But the muggies will be back for the next couple of days as the next front fizzles out.   We will need sweaters later this month, but not for the next week.   I’m seeing & reading that this winter will be much below normal for most of the east and south.   With an El Nino coming on, look for more Gulf Storms developing bringing  us the opportunity for some southern snowstorms.   Yea, I’m one of those who believes never let facts get into the way of a real story.   If you say something without any corroborating facts, the folks will believe it anyway.    Whatever, enjoy this weekend as this good feel air is not going to hang around beyond Saturday.  Stay tuned!



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