Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Something Will Develop...Where & When?

Nhc has kept the chances for development at 30% during the 3-5 day time frame and there really isn’t much to tell expect signs point for something to form by this weekend.   Models are all over the place with motion with the Euro bringing a weak system across the southern Gulf with little development.  The Canadian brings a strong system right into the central Gulf heading right towards the mouth of the river while the GFS brings a weak system northward over Cuba turning into Florida and then reaching the Florida beaches.  Bottom line, there is nothing there yet and the models seem not to be on the same page.   Satellite loops do show a well defined low level circulation south of Cuba, but it has no storms with it.  Until something gets better defined, I’d rather not speculate/guess what might happen.  One thing models do show is our first real front might be delayed until around the 13-14th, almost 2 weeks away.  Boo.   I’m going fishing.  Next update tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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