Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Terrible Tuesday...

What a wasted day if you wanted to do anything outside.   Basically it was a nuisance rain all day.   Tomorrow looks better, mostly dry, before Thursday  gets stormy at times.  This weekend still look OK as another front will bring back the good feel air with cool nights and pleasant days.

Normally I talk about the Tropics, but Willa is making landfall on the western coast of Mexico, not our problem.  Where we continue to have a problem is with child abuse and I have lent my name to an organization called Children Advocacy Center (CAC) – Hope House where they are having an event called “Men Who Cook”.  No, I can’t cook very well, but I’m teaming with the Chefs at Christwood in Covington to raise money for children.  Here’s the link to my page

where you can either purchase tickets to the event or just donate a few dollars to a good cause.   Now I know many of you are hit up by many charities, but all I’m asking  for is 300 of my bloggers to pledge/donate $10 which would put me at my goal of raising $3,000.  Frankly, I have many thousands that follow this blog so let’s see if we can help out this worthy organization.     I appreciate any support you can give and I’ll keep you posted on the progress to $3,000.  The event is Nov. 11th.     Thanks in advance.

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