Monday, October 1, 2018

The Heat Goes On...

I’m into remembering songs lately and tonight I go back into the late 60s (or was it the 70s?) when Sonny & Cher had a song titled “And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on.”   This September ended as the 3rd hottest on record for MSY in Kenner and today’s high reached 90 despite us now being in October.   Therefore, “and the heat goes on…”   Not much has changed since last night as models keep us summer-like for the next 12-14 days.  They continue to hint some kind of tropical development will occur over the western Caribbean, eastern Gulf or the Bahamas early next week.   Since there is nothing there yet, I’m not going to get too concerned until something does develop.  However, the MJO (Madden-Julian Oscillation) is forecasted to go into the favorable (rising air) phase across our part of the World so we should not be surprised to see some late season activity.  I still am a believer that the atmosphere goes from one extreme to the other in an effort to reach a balance and I will not be shocked to see the second half of this month into November crash below normal temperature-wise.  The air across much of the northern tier of states, including the Rockies, is in the 20s & 30s and it’s only a matter of time for that chill to head our way.   Until then, the heat goes on.


I get confused watching the local TV channels.  One station shows an upper high moving over us, which should mean few if any showers.  While another shows a  surface computer model that keeps bringing  daily showers over us.  What I rarely see is local broadcasters pointing out features on satellite & Water Vapor.  Oh, they may show them, but they rarely pick up on the subtle features that can trigger or suppress showers.    It’s a lost art and that’s too bad.  Stay tuned!

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