Friday, October 26, 2018

There's a Nip in the Air...

OK, it’s not time for the winter coats, but walking Bailey tonight I needed a sweater as the “good feel” air was chilly to me.  I noticed water temps have fallen 10-15 degrees in the past 2-3 weeks with Lake Pontchartrain down into the lower 70s & the buoy east of the River down to 80.  The waters over the central & southern Gulf are still warm, but the northern Gulf has responded to our recent cold fronts.  Unfortunately, our current cooldown will not last beyond tomorrow with highs by Sunday back above 80 once again.  The first part of next week will feel summer-like before another strong front arrives for NEXT weekend.  IF El Nino is really getting stronger, expect an active southern Jet Stream that should result in many Gulf lows during the heart of winter.   This last low might be the start of a pattern. 


NHC is not ready to say good night to the 2018 hurricane season just yet as they have named Oscar way out in the Atlantic.  He is another “sub-tropical” low that should never bother any land areas.   Our focus now is 1) when will we see our 1st freeze and 2) will it snow?   Am I trying to get you excited?  Yes I am!  Guilty as charged!  Stay tuned!

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