Saturday, November 3, 2018

Great Weather Won't Last...

After a comfy cool morning (52) with 40s on the North Shore, this afternoon warmed to 75 under bright sunshine and low humidity.   Unfortunately, those conditions will not linger as the next 5-7 days will see rapidly moving upper disturbances bring clouds, showers and a few T-Storms our way.   It appears  any severe threats will remain farther to our north with the week starting out warm and finishing much colder by next Friday.  Best rain chances come Sunday PM & night, again late Monday into Tuesday and then Thursday into early Friday.   We’re reaching the time of the year where we often see the “rollercoaster” ride of temperatures as ahead of cold fronts we warm into the 70s & 80s falling into the 30s & 40s behind those fronts.   Our bodies have trouble acclimating to these huge swings making the cold feel colder and the warm feel warmer.   We usually don’t settle into a colder pattern until we reach December.


I must mention football as Tulane surprised South Florida 41-15 while Alabama was dominant over LSU.  Coach O said it best, didn’t try to sugar coat it, Alabama has bigger, stronger, faster players.  LSU is good, Alabama is great.  Until we find a way of keeping our Louisiana Kids from going to Nick Saban, the results won’t change.  Did you notice how many starters on the “Tide” were from Louisiana?  Coach O said he has a great recruiting class for 2019, but so does Nick.  Who would have ever thought Nick would make Alabama people forget “The Bear”?   Hey, let’s hope the Saints can bring us a win tomorrow.  I’m thinking it’ll be a wild one.  Saints 38 Rams 34.  Stay tuned!

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