Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Models Keep Trending Colder...

For the past several days, computer temperature guidance keeps getting colder for this weekend and into next week.   I have mentioned the building cold over Alaska & Canada and models are bringing progressive upper troughs digging down into the Gulf South.   I will be getting my potted plants ready for the coming chill that could bring freezing temps to the North Shore for early next week.  We won’t notice any major temperature changes tomorrow, but Friday begins the drop that will require heavy coats by dark.  Saturday looks breezy, dry & cold (50s) with some showers returning late Sunday PM.  Another stronger front will blast through late Monday with highs next Tuesday staying in the 40s!  Add in a fierce north wind and it will be uncomfortable to be outside.  After tomorrow, the next 10-12 days look to stay below normal with many days struggling to get to 60.   Do you know where your sweaters, leather jackets & heavy coats are?  Best go look because the cold is coming.  Stay tuned!


With only 3 days left to contribute to the Children’s Advocacy Center’s fundraiser MEN WHO COOK, here’s the nightly update.  I’ve reached $ 1,565 on my way to my goal of $ 3,000.  That means I only need 287 of you to donate $ 5 or 72 to donate $ 20 and I’ll be there.   It’s a great organization that helps sexually abused children and just a little ($ 5) can help so many if enough of you help out.  Thanks to the 64 who have contributed so far for an average of $ 25 each.   If you can help out the Breckster reach my goal?  Here’s the link to follow;


Wasn’t that a great light show just to our east tonight?  Glad the storms weren’t over us.

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