Thursday, December 20, 2018

Another Day in the Dumper...

No sun, afternoon rains, chilly temps, increasing winds...I could go on & on, but I won't.  Why?  Because I know my purpose on this Planet is to inspire and tonight that's what I will do.   I always knew how fortunate I was to work (and get well paid) a job I truly loved for over 45 years.   I always considered myself to be a role model for future weathercasters.  I am proud to have mentored many successful men & women who have gone on to bigger markets.  And so it is today I received a Christmas card from someone I touched some 40+ years ago.  I can't use his real name (let's call him Nelson) but he said..." I've been a fan since you visited my school in Westwego in 1978.   My 12 year old daughter (let's call her Sarah) is an aspiring meteorologist and looks forward to your blog postings.  If you could mention her name...she would be thrilled!"   Well, Nelson, you know I can't do that since that would set a precedent.  Let me just say Sarah is beautiful & many TV weathercasters knew early on ( I was in the 3rd grade!) that's what they wanted to do for a living.   I wish her much success and only hope I'm around to see her on TV someday.

OK, back to our ugly weather.   Good news!  The sun returns all day for Friday & Saturday, but we have to get through a windy night first.   It could be worse if we had cold air around, but despite the fact this is a huge dip in the jet stream into the Deep South, there is no real cold air around.  In fact, all of the precipitation is falling as rain with Chicago at 45 degrees!  It'll be very breezy Friday morning, but by afternoon temps should rise into the mid 50s with less wind.  Saturday looks outstanding as highs warm back into the 60s with 70+ by Sunday.  Christmas week will be mild to warm (70+) turning stormy late week.  Some real cold could begin to show up after New Years.  

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