Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Autumn leaves Bring Back Memories...

I have 3 large (25'+) water oaks in my backyard that have been dropping leaves like crazy this past week.  In fact, I will blow & rake the leaves but, by the next morning, the ground is covered over again.   It reminds me of a time back in my youth (8-12 years old) when my brother Jim & I would go over to rake our Grandpa's leaves to pick up a couple of bucks. (That was a lot back then!)   We didn't bag the leaves, or put them in a compost pile.   Would you believe we actually would burn the leaves to get rid of them?   I remember you could see the smoke from all the other neighbors doing the same thing.  Talk about air pollution!  That was back in the 50s & long before the 1970 Clean Air Act that forced communities to ban public burnings.   How stupid we were.

I have been dressed for our recent chill which actually wasn't so bad since we have seen all day sunshine.  We'll start to see some clouds by Thursday PM and even more by Friday as return flow sets up off the Gulf.  A system that is bringing rain to southern California will head our way likely producing low pressure along the upper Texas coast by early Saturday.   Depending on the track, we could briefly get into the warm air sector(70s) with the threat for some strong storms especially for Saturday afternoon and evening.  Sunday will turn sharply colder, but the chill should be no worse than our current cool spell.   The southern storm track will stay active with another system coming for late next week.  The big news for the next 2-3 days will be heavy snow on the northern fringe of this system coming on Saturday.   Forecasts are calling for 12-18" over the mountains of the Carolinas on up into Virginia.    Those with travel plans for this weekend should pay attention if you are driving north of Birmingham-Atlanta-Charlotte.  Stay tuned!

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