Sunday, December 2, 2018

Big Cool Down Coming, then Stormy Next Weekend...

Ah, the little fella has been loving the past 3 days as we have had record tying warmth (80+) for early December.  However, a big cooldown starts Monday PM bringing back the heavy weather gear for Tuesday through Thursday.  In fact, the North Shore could be back near freezing for Tuesday-Thursday mornings.  If long range models are correct, the southern storm track will get active with several systems coming in off the Pacific drenching California before heading toward the Gulf Coast.  The question is...will there be enough cold air in place to cause some snow across parts of the deep south?  Right now it appears the answer is no, but some brutal cold (30-35 below) is showing up over northern Canada and that might head towards the lower 48 over the next 7-10 days.   We would need to have a strong cold front dig deep down into the Gulf with a secondary wave of low pressure riding up along the front for us to get a snow threat.  That won't happen for next weekend, but it might for the following system.   December could be an exciting time for folks across the deep South.  Stay tuned!

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