Saturday, December 8, 2018

Christmas Feel Will Require Heavy Coats...

Well today was about as ugly as it gets.  When I was on TV, I would call it..." in Da Dumper".   The weather was exactly what the forecast called for with 1-3" of rain commonplace.  We briefly snuck into the warm air sector as highs reached 71, but we won't be that warm again for at least the next 5 days.    Going out to Church in the morning you'll notice how much colder it is with the winds adding to the chilly feel.  Sunday should be dry, but the clouds are likely to linger all day keeping highs in the upper 40s.  Burrr!   Monday thru Wednesday should see abundant sunshine with near freezing mornings on the North Shore & upper 30s south.   If you're dressed for it, the weather will be perfect for mid December.  A warming trend arrives Wednesday PM (60-65) before rain chances return on Thursday-Friday with another strong cold front.    All in all, it's what one should expect for this time of the year.

The big weather news is the snow storm that is expected over the mountains of the Carolinas tonight and tomorrow.  Snow totals could exceed one foot with some spots approaching 20+".   For the Saints game in Tampa, the same rain system that plowed through us this afternoon reaches them before noon.  The start of the game could be delayed by lightning, but once the line passes by, the second half should just be cloudy with a passing shower.  Winds could play a factor switching from the south around to the NW by the second half.   Hopefully our offense gets back on track.  I'm thinking Saints 34, Bucs 24.  Who Dat!

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