Monday, December 10, 2018

Cold Night, But Rapid Warm Up Coming...

A light freeze is expected on the North Shore and away from Lake P. on the South Shore. No big deal since it's been that cold already.   The winds coming across Lake P. will keep the SS from a freeze.  Tuesday and Wednesday will see "severe clear" as the center of high pressure moves over us and then to our east.   We should be near 60 tomorrow and maybe 70+ on Wednesday.  Another strong upper disturbance is coming for Thursday & Friday, but this system will lack the cold air of this past weekend's snow storm.  In fact, the areas that got buried with 10-20+" of snow will see 1-2" of rain that should make all those Christmas scenes just memories.   For us, this next system could be much like the last, a fast mover with briefly heavy downpours producing 1-2" of rain.   This next weekend should be dry and pleasantly cool with the real cold air staying far up in Canada for the next 10-12 days.   There is some brutally cold (25-30 below) air coming into northern Alaska and signs point to that coming into the lower 48 during Christmas week.  There will be a Christmas week snow storm coming out of the Rockies.  Way too soon to know how far South the snow will go.

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