Wednesday, December 12, 2018

How Stormy Will It Be?

Tonight's water vapor shows a deepening upper disturbance diving across the Rockies that will settle over Texas by late tomorrow.  That should trigger several lines of T-storms across south LA/MS during the day on Thursday with the slight chance for one or two severe storms developing.  Highs could bump into the 70s as we get into the warm air sector.  This system will lack the colder air of last week's storm, but we will see a cool down over the weekend.   The next 5-7 days should see seasonal temps (60s) with no real cold air in sight.   Some brutally cold air (25-30 below) is over Alaska's north slope, and that could invade the lower 48 sometime during Christmas week.   If you are looking for a White Christmas, you'll need to go out to the Rockies or head north of Chicago most of the U.S.will not be White.   

Back to this weekend, once we get this upper disturbance by us, Saturday & Sunday look dry and seasonally cool.   I noticed our recent cool spell has really changed the color of the fruit on my grapefruit tree.  I must have 200+ ready to harvest.  I can only eat 1/day so that should last me well into March!  I did see some frost on my yard this morning, but that didn't affect any of my newly planted annuals.   I suspect we'll see some much colder freezing mornings once we get into January or February?    Stay tuned!

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