Saturday, December 22, 2018

Just the Tonic I Needed...

This December certainly hasn't been bitterly cold. In fact, it should finish above normal/average as the next 8-10 days will stay on the milder side.   What it has been (or seems to me) is very cloudy with not a lot of sunny days.   Today was the kind of day we really needed with plenty of sunshine and highs warming into the middle 60s.  Hope you were able to spend some time outside as I did on the golf course.  Sunday will see a weak front approach increasing our cloud cover & bringing a slight chance for a stray shower.  Christmas week will begin fairly quiet with temps mild before it turns stormy for Wednesday & Thursday.  Some cooler (not cold) filters in on Friday but next weekend could stay unsettled.  Big changes are shaping up as we get into January with indications that some Arctic cold will plunge over us once beyond the 5th.  Remember from earlier blogs, NOAA predicted an above normal Winter (Dec.-March) while WeatherBell Analytics was just the opposite saying Jan-March would be super cold.  So far, NOAA has been correct on December, but that could change as we wander into the heart of Winter.   I haven't put my yard into freeze mode yet, but we'll need to watch the brutal cold(30-35 below) over Alaska & northern Canada to see if that heads our way for the New Year.

Not sure what is happening with the squirrel population, but at my house I counted 10 of them scampering around my 3 tall water oaks this morning.  They have expanded one of their nests and built an even bigger new one.   Is this the time of year they breed?  Do they know instinctively that super cold is coming and they need expand their numbers?   If I could catch one, I'd put on a Santa hat on it and send it into David Bernard's pet Christmas photos.   Nah, Just seeing him show a raccoon & snake gave me the shakes!

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