Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Wasted Wednesday...

Even though I took my vitamin D supplement, the lack of sunshine kept me in a funk all day.  My morning workout was fine with enough energy, but the gloom of low clouds and heavy downpours this afternoon had me thinking of what to do.   I came up with a bright idea to go over all my computer passwords and weed out the ones I no longer use and/or update the ones where I have changed passwords many times.  What a project since I have nearly 100+ sites to confirm that they still work.   Once "cocktail hour" arrived & it was time to walk Bailey, my funk left me!  I did not finish my project!

Watching David tonight showed me just how far computer graphics have progressed since my retirement.  Not only can he show you the areas under a high wind watch, they have models that can show hour by hour plots of how strong the winds might get.  And to think when I started (1971), all we had were paper maps, plexiglass & black markers that often primitive back then.    Several blogs ago I talked about no need for a January Thaw since December is above normal for most of the nation.  Good thing we have no real cold around as models are developing a deep upper trough that will produce a strong surface low along the Florida coast tomorrow before racing to the NE on Friday.  This will bring some super strong winds on its backside making Thursday PM into midday Friday very uncomfortable to be outside.   Temps will only fall into the 40s& 50s but the strong winds will make it feel much colder.  A warm up begins on Saturday and the weekend is looking nice.   If this kind of pattern continues in January & February, when some real Arctic cold is more likely to be over the lower 48, expect some deep South snows (I didn't say here!) followed by several days of hard freezes.   It's seasonally cold over Alaska & northern Canada, but there are no signs of that stuff heading southward until after Christmas, more likely after New Years.  Stay tuned!

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