Sunday, December 30, 2018

Winter is not Supposed to be Warm...

As we close out 2018 tomorrow, one thing for sure is we'll feel SPRING-LIKE as highs approach 80+.  We were projected to be in a weak El Nino Winter with an active southern storm track.  In reality, El Nino never got going and the storm track has remained way farther to the north.  This has resulted in zero snow cover for many areas (Chicago, Detroit, Boston) that normally are white over the holidays.    The Gulf Coast has seen a prolonged time of SW upper flow that keeps us mild & wet.  The next 5 days will continue that pattern with a weak front trying to push through for New Year's Eve with a stronger front Wednesday night into Thursday.  The cold air isn't too far away as Houston, San Antonio & Dallas are in the 40s while we "enjoy" 70s tonight.    We will finally get an upper pattern change late this week that will clear us our late Thursday into next weekend and bring us cooler & drier air.   Look for a warm (75-80+), foggy start for Monday with some late PM Showers that should end before midnight.   Tuesday could see partial clearing, but that will be brief s that strong upper storm plows through Wednesday night into Thursday.  No Arctic blast is in sight for the next 7-10 days despite some brutally cold (30-35 below) air over central Canada.  Stay tuned!

Enjoy celebrating the New Year , but most importantly, stay safe.  Fireworks are dangerous so leave them to the pros.  

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