Sunday, January 6, 2019

As Good As It Gets...

When you consider we are entering, historically, the coldest 3 weeks of a typical Winter, today was as good as it can get with all day sunshine and highs near 70 with light winds.   Wow, whether you wanted to golf, fish or play tennis, our weather was almost perfect!   Somewhere during the next 2 weeks we'll see some rather dramatic changes that could finally bring some real Winter to much of the lower 48.  Temperatures in Alaska have dipped to 40-45 below along with much of northern Canada being 30-35 below.   Any dip in the jet stream over the Great Lakes & East Coast will bring that chill southward and models are hinting that transition will happen in stages beginning later this week.   Monday & Tuesday will continue our mild trend with highs 70-75 before 50s return for the rest of this week.  The real cold won't arrive until the following week when things are likely to get exciting with several southern storms that might have some white deep into the gulf South.    You cold weather freaks will be delighted for the second half of January through most of February.   Since December finished above normal for much of the nation, it could just be Mother Nature's way of evening things out?   I will enjoy the next two days of Spring-like warmth as I know what's coming soon.  Stay tuned!

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