Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Real Winter Is Coming to Lower 48...

As I mentioned in previous posts, Some brutally cold air (40-45 below) has developed over Alaska & northern Canada.  Long range computer models are now hinting at an east coast upper trough (not a full blown Polar Vortex) forming for the second half of January that will bring that northern cold way down into the Gulf South.  We're likely to see several southern snowstorms during the next 14-21 days with the potential for freezing temperatures plunging down to the South Shore on the backside of each storm.   My last Winter working up north in Dayton was the '77-78 season where I recall January & February were very cold & snowy extending well into March.  There was one storm that buried Dayton with over a foot of snow with the daytime high staying below zero with wind chills 30-40 below!  And you wonder why I moved south?!!!   My friend Joe Bastardi at WeatherBell Analytics believes this Winter could rival that one so we'll need to pay attention to any freeze potential coming our way for the next 4-6 weeks.  I will give several days advance notice if I feel a hard freeze is coming and that won't happen for at least 7-10 days. 

In the short term, temps will flirt with freezing on the North Shore tomorrow morning with 40s south.  Highs will struggle to reach the mid 50s with filtered sunshine through some high clouds.  Friday will be slightly warmer (near 60) with 65-70 on Saturday ahead of our next front that could bring our next rain chance for late Saturday into Sunday.   Sunday will be colder (50s) with much of next week near or below normal.  It's the following week where things will get exciting from coast to coast.  California will see several storms with that energy racing across the southern states triggering the snow storms that will remind us older folks of the late 70s.  Stay tuned!

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