Friday, February 8, 2019

Remembering Dad...

If you missed the last story on tonight's CBS Evening News, you missed a classic.  Steve Hartman, who does the old Charles Kuralt "On the Road" stories, talked about the passing of his Father.  So many of his Father's traits were like my Dad's.   Both went through the depression years and never bought "stuff" for themselves.  They had few needs and were considered frugal, tight, even cheap.   Neither ever new how to answer a cell phone and both were socially friendly to anyone they met.  Brought back some great memories of my Dad, "Mr. Personality"   The apple didn't fall far from the tree!  If you missed it, go on line & Google Steve Hartman & Dad.   It's worth watching.

After 2 days of record warmth, today was back to reality as daytime highs stayed in the 50s.  Actually, if you were dressed for it, I enjoyed being outside this afternoon.  Saturday will remain below normal (50s) before Sunday rebounds back to near 70.  We'll be in the warm sector for Monday & early Tuesday before another front chills us next Wednesday.  As I mentioned last night, I see no return of the deep east coast trough/Polar Vortex for the next 7-10 days.    We will have several fronts pass through, but none of them should bring any threat for a freeze.  The last week of February is looking colder, but it's too soon to detail what kind of impacts will be felt here.  We still have many weeks to go before we're done with the threat of freezing weather.  Stay tuned!

Yesterday a boater was killed in Lake Lena out of Hopedale.   I go fishing with my friend Capt. Hylton all the time and we have fished the area where the accident happened often.  This accident highlights the dangers of being on the water.  Boaters must stay alert and be ready when the unexpected happens.  Fog appears to be the main factor in one man no longer being able to enjoy Sportsman's Paradise.  So sad.

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