Thursday, March 26, 2015

The excitement that's Spring...

As someone born in the North (Hammond, IN.), I remember the joy of watching the Earth come back to life after brutally cold & snowy Winters.  Now that I’ve been living in the South for nearly 4 decades and don’t have to deal with much cold & snow, I still feel the excitement of Spring as tropical plants & flowers that I’ve protected all Winter begin to leaf out.  My grapefruit tree (which had nearly 200 on it last year) is loaded with new blossoms and so is my lemon tree.  The citrus smells are terrific & it’s great to watch a return of the honeybees.   My water oaks have leaves again and there is again colorful flowers growing in my yard.  What a delightful time of the year…unless you have allergies.   Bummer.


Today’s dreadful weather will be rewarded with a great weekend of sunshine & good feel air.   Only when you’ve been in the deepest, darkest valley can you appreciate how glorious it is on the mountaintop and this weekend we will be on the top of the mountain.  Get out and enjoy it before the real heat of summer starts to show up in another 4-6 weeks.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Life Isn't Fair...

For many of us who have suffered a loss of a loved one far too early in life, you wonder why me?  Life sucks.  It just isn’t fair.   That’s how I think the people of Moore, Oklahoma (suburb of Oklahoma City) feel tonight.  In 1999 they suffered a direct hit of an EF5 tornado and history repeated in 2013 with another EF5 tornado.   This evening’s tornado outbreak hit Moore again with  damage to many buildings & a radio tower.  Fortunately, it appears it wasn’t as strong as the previous twisters, but c’mon Mother nature, enough is enough.   The only death so far was reported at a mobile home park west of Tulsa.  This was the 1st tornado outbreak in 2 months as this season has been unusually quiet.


Our weather will be changing on Thursday as a cold front will sweep through.   The day should be mostly dry through about noon with showers arriving between noon & 4 PM.  Rain chances will decrease rapidly once the front arrives around 7 PM and cooler temperatures will require sweaters and jackets for Friday & Saturday mornings.  No rain over the weekend with a warming trend on Sunday getting us back to near 80.   If you are planning a trip to the Northeast any time soon, you still need to take the heavy weather gear.  Some models even hinting at some snow possible for Easter weekend!  Life isn’t fair!   That’s why God created the South!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Thursday Front Fast Mover...

We are far from the time where fronts lose their steering and stall across the Gulf South as Summer approaches.  That usually happens late April into May.  Right now we have strong west winds flowing over us so our next front that arrives on Thursday PM will be a quick mover.   The challenge will be the timing of any T-Storms ahead of the front.    Based on our VIPIR model, the highest rain chances will be between 3-6 PM on Thursday.   There could be some heavy down pours with lightning , thunder and gusty winds to 30+, but no severe weather is expected.   The better news is behind the front, cooler and drier air will make for a great feeling weekend with lower humidity & comfy cool temps under bright sunshine.  Morning lows will dip into the 40s away from Lake P. on the South Shore for both Saturday & Sunday.  Sunday PM will see warmer air return as highs approach 80.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Tornado Record? Sort of

Remember when the AGW Alarmists were warning us about increases in the number and intensity of tornadoes & hurricanes ?  Sometimes FACTS get in the way of a “good” story.   For instance, since the Katrina year (2005), there has NOT been a land falling major (Cat 3+) hurricane in the U.S.  In fact the overall trend in frequency has been downward with 2015 expected to continue that trend.   A more startling FACT is the lack of tornadoes.  SPC says 2015 is zero for March with the tornado count for the whole year just 28 compared to 146 last year at the same time.  Same story here…the frequency and intensity of tornadoes show a downward trend.   So what gives?   Climate models didn’t pick up on the current halt in Global warming, yet the modelers continue to preach the same gospel of doom & gloom. Sometimes FACTS do make for a GOOD story!


In the short term, our brief cool down will not last as we’ll see temperatures recover, especially if we can lose a persistent cloud cover that kept highs in the 60s today.  Our next front won’t arrive until late Thursday as highs will top 80+ ahead of the front.  Some cooler air will return for Friday & Saturday but the core of the cold will stay to our north and east.   As we get into April, the higher sun angle takes the sting out of the late Winter-like chill & fronts often make for crispy cool mornings with delightfully warm afternoon.   The only negative with Spring (aside from severe storms) is the high pollen counts.  Many of you suffer at this time of the year.