Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Not Much To Add...

How many ways can you say it’s cold?    David pretty much covered all bases tonight and had an interesting graphic concerning highs staying in the 40s in November.  Bottom line…it doesn’t happen very often.  I just want to see the sun again.  We might by late Wednesday PM but Thursday through Sunday should see a long stretch of mostly sunny skies with a gradual warm up back into the 60s & near 70 by Monday. The only concern for the next 2 nights will be how cold will it get?  I expect the North Shore will get below 32 with the South Shore away from Lake P. dipping into the 30s.  Besides that, there really won’t be much going on.    So  I’ll be stepping away from my computer until early next week.   Right now, Thanksgiving week looks to be much milder, closer to where we should be for late November.  Stay tuned to FOX 8 for the latest weather information.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Cold Air Slowly Slipping In...

As the surface cold front has now cleared the mouth of the River, we definitely have cooled down from earlier highs in the 70s.   However, with the upper low still back over New Mexico creating a SW upper flow over us, the front has lost much of its eastward push and will likely wait for the upper trough to finally march eastward late in the day on Wednesday.  That will mean several more rounds of light to moderate rainfall on top of the 1”+ most of us have received so far.  The approaching upper trough will trigger a developing surface low to our east that will head up the east coast as a Nor’Easter with cold rain for the big cities along the coast and heavy snows (12”+) inland.  Our rains should be over by early on Wednesday, but clouds may not clear until late in the day.  Daylight highs Tuesday & Wednesday should stay in the 40s with wind chills making it feel colder.  Heavy coats will be required if you plan on spending any time outdoors.   Friday and Sunday should slowly warm back into the 60s with no real rain chances coming until next Monday.   NHC has backed off their bullish chances for development of a system NE of Puerto Rico and it has zero chance of threatening the U.S. now that these strong fronts are coming.


Last night’s event for the Children’s Advocacy Center of Covington was a huge success, although I fell short of my $3,000 goal.   108 of you helped Team Bob Breck/Christwood raise $2,425 with another $1,000+ in table sponsorships.  Thank you to everyone who supported me and to those who read this blog that followed my progress.


Finally, I’m sure most are sickened by the videos coming out of the California fires.  Total destruction  with nothing left, much like Mexico Beach after Hurricane Michael.  The difference between the 2 tragedies are several;  1) Folks in Michael’s path had days of warning & could safely flee if they chose to.  Many in the California fires had minutes at best to flee to safety.  I had a nephew living in Paradise, CA. and he no longer has his home.  He’s one of the fortunate to still have his life.   2) With the Hurricane, some folks decided to ride it out and they survived.  With the fires, if you stayed there was no survival.  Fires, like tornadoes & earthquakes, often have limited lead times to flee or react.   3) Recovery from any major disaster takes weeks, months, sometimes years as we learned after Katrina.   There really is no comparing hurricanes to the others.  At least hurricanes give us time.  Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

No "Wine-ing" From Me...

As I sip on my chardonnay tonight and put on a sweater, I’m trying to get use to the chill in the air.   My arthritis has been awful and thank God for heating pads.  However, it’s not even mid-November and we have 3-4 months of this stuff.  I know you cold weather freaks are loving it, and I’m happy for you after enduring our long, hot summers.  At some point, probably next month, I’ll start to whine about the cold, but it’s far too soon to complain.   After several freezes and perhaps some freezing rain and/or snow, some of you will finally come on over to my side and realize it’s easier to handle the heat than the bitter cold.  Before the next Arctic Blast arrives Monday night, we’ll see a brief warm up early Monday where we might get into the warm air sector (70+) for several hours before the bottom drops out and we stay in the 40s on Tuesday.  Wednesday and Thursday mornings will see freezing temps on the North Shore and away from Lake P. south.  These will be light freezes, but it’s telling us to check our property to make sure we’re ready to handle the hard freezes that are sure to come during the heart of Winter.    All of us can do the simple, cheap things that will prevent expensive pipe repairs down the road.  The easiest are the faucet covers and the foam pipe insulation tubes along with some duct tape.   In my youth, I set up elaborate PVC pipes with visqueen wrap around coverings to protect my citrus trees.  Just put a 100 watt light bulb in there and that was enough warmth to prevent damage.   Now with age, I lack the ambition of my youth!

Whatever, back to my chardonnay and hope that the Saints can make it a clean sweep (Pelicans, Tulane & LSU all won today) tomorrow.   Saints 26 Bengals 17  Who Dat!

Friday, November 9, 2018

It's Here...Do You Know Where Your Coats Are?

Today was one of those dreary days with no sunshine, lots of low clouds/fog & off & on showers.   This morning was mild (70s), but behind the front temps have fallen 20-25 degrees & both sides of the Lake should see 40s by daybreak.  Lake water temps are still 70+, but that will quickly change during the next 5-6 days.  Once water temps dip below 70, the shrimp head back to the deeper, warmer Gulf waters and the fish tend to gather in the deeper holes during cold outbreaks.  They’ll come back into the shallower flats during brief warmups, but the fishing patterns will mean …find the deeper holes/channels & you’ll find more fish.  The trick to late Fall fishing is to let the waters calm/settle out between cold fronts and fish the 1-2 days before the next front.   That’s hard to do if you’re still working, but during retirement, no problem.  I just see the special man, Capt. Hylton and we usually can get our limits.   Great time of the year to fish since you don’t have to get up early & you don’t melt in the heat.


Saturday should be a great day…if you’re dressed for it as highs will stay in the 50s despite lots of sunshine.  Clouds come back on Sunday with rain approaching late in the day, temps 55-60.  Monday could turn stormy as we get briefly into the warm air (near 70) sector before the bottom falls out Monday afternoon through next Wednesday.  Tuesday’s highs will stay in the 40s with the season’s first freeze coming to the North Shore for Wednesday & Thursday mornings.   Warmer Lake Pontchartrain will keep the South Shore from a freeze, but away from the Lake could dip into the upper 30s.  The cold won’t last as a milder pattern develops for late next week through Thanksgiving week.  What will be key this Winter is…where does the active storm track develop?  El Nino usually means northern Gulf development.  Stay tuned!


Tonight is my final plea for $$$ for the Children’s Advocacy Center’s MEN WHO COOK event this Sunday 4-7 pm in Covington.  Nearly 100 of you have donated and I thank you for supporting my cause.  I’m only $ 850 short of my $ 3,000 goal, meaning if only 170 of you give $ 5, I reach my goal…or if only 43 of you give $ 20, I surpass my goal.   It’s helping kids in need.  If you can donate, follow this link.  I’ll have final numbers on Monday.  Thank you!!!