Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Let the Rodeo Roll...

Yikes!  Offshore winds have reached 15-25 knots with seas 4-6 feet.  Not what we want for a fishing rodeo.  However, there is good news.  The daylight (Visible) satellite loop shows a well-defined circulation INLAND just west of Lake Pontchartrain moving to the north.  Much drier and more stable air sits over the Gulf to our east and SE.  As this circulation, coupled with an upper low, drifts father north and west, we should see winds and seas come down by the time the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo kicks off at daybreak on Thursday.  In addition, our daily shower chances will return to more typical late summer action, along the coast at dawn & redeveloping inland during the heating of the day.    Today was certainly not a typical summer day as clouds & showers have been way above normal.    That has resulted in temperatures less hot, but that will not last.  We’ll be back 90+ later this week with more sunshine and fewer storms.


While the Eastern Pacific still has active tropical systems, the Atlantic is staying quiet.  However, a strong circulation has moved off the African coast , but it likely will encounter the Saharan Dust layer that has killed any development so far this season.  We are roughly 3 weeks away from the most active (Aug 15-Sept. 30th) part of the Hurricane Season so expect to see something forming eventually.  The Gulf and Caribbean water temps are very warm, but we know it’s more that water temps. That make up a storm.   I like the idea I read about recently.  There are only 8 more Thursdays until Fall.  That sounds better than almost 2 months!   Stay tuned!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Tarpon Rodeo Week...

This Thursday starts the annual Grand isle Tarpon Rodeo culminating with the awards ceremony on Saturday night.   It’s a great opportunity for folks/families to come down and either fish the beach or all the bays and islands around Grand isle.  Some bigger boats will venture offshore for the bigger fish while some will set some crab traps in the shallow waters off the beach at Grand Isle.  I have been honored to serve for the past 30 years as the Master of Ceremonies on Saturday night.  If you enjoy eating great food, catching lots of fish and passing a good time, head on down to Grand Isle this weekend.


Since the Rodeo happens in late July, we sometimes have to deal with tropical systems.  That doesn’t look to be the case this year.  However, this afternoon’s daylight (visible) satellite loop shows a weak circulation east of the mouth of the river.  I believe that is more a reflection of an upper low south of the Florida beaches.   Computer models are not developing this circulation, but it is something to pay attention to as the Gulf temps are 85-90 degrees.   For the next 2 days we’ll see above normal clouds and storms even if nothing starts to organize.   Buoy pressures are slightly lower and seas have come up from less than a foot yesterday to 2 ½ feet today.   As the Upper low drifts westward later this week,  hopefully winds and seas relax and rain chances decrease.   Stay tuned!   Hail Grand isle !!!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Heat Overload...

If you have been watching the network evening newscasts this week, you would think the end of the world is coming.  ’50 million under an extreme heat advisory”,  ‘deadly heat affecting the national from coast to coast”.  Yada, yada, yada.    C’mon.  If you have any experience with past heat waves, you know Dallas had 42 day in a row that topped 100 in the summer of 1980.  2011 came close nearing 40, but this summer so far…TWO.  That’s it.   Tell me there is no bias or agenda with network news & the government and I’ll show you classified e-mails I’ve deleted!  What?  Of course they have no intent on deceiving us so they are not guilty.   When government controls the source of information, we, the people have a problem.   The AMS now says a recent survey shows 96% of their member believe the Earth’s climate is changing.  Duh. Climate has always been changing.  Why that number is not 100% baffles me.  What are those 4% thinking?   The debate should be NOT that climate is changing, but what is the DRIVER of that change?    The CO2 crowd (government) says there is no debate.  Obviously, they have never watched a Jason Borne or Jack Bauer movie.   Trust our government without any opposition and I’ll show you a dictatorship.   We the people need to pay attention.


The tropics remain quiet and should stay that way into August.  I suspect the Atlantic will ramp up during mid-August into late September.  Why?  Because that is the traditional heart of hurricane season.  Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that.  A weak upper low moving across Florida tonight should increase our rain chances here for Tuesday & Wednesday.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ain't that a Shame!

As I mentioned several weeks back, retirement has allowed me to read books again. (instead of just keeping up with weather journals)   I finally finished BLUE MONDAY – Fats Domino & the lost dawn of Rock N Roll by Rick Coleman.  This book came out nearly 10 years ago and is a fascinating read about how Fats got started and how difficult those early days were due to segregation.   To think Pat Boone recorded “Ain’t that a shame” but released it as “Isn’t that a shame”!!!     For all the black musicians, those early days of Rock N Roll were quite a struggle.     Fats was the King even though most think Elvis is, but Elvis only took the music that Fats invented.   To see how his hits were inspired (you won’t believe the story of “Walking to New Orleans”) was eye opening and educational.  I highly recommend BLUE MONDAY as summer reading for anyone who loves the history of music.


What’s there to talk about weather-wise?   NOTHING.  It’s July, it’s supposed to be hot with spotty storms and it is.      It appears we’ll continue with our Tropical Snooze for the next 10-14 days, perhaps longer.     We are about 3 weeks away from entering the most active (historically) part of Hurricane Season.  Once we reach October, our chances for a major storm hitting us declines dramatically.  So for the next 8-10 weeks, it’s pay attention time which we always do in August & September.  Stay tuned!