Thursday, May 26, 2016

Historic Day For FOX 8

When I arrived at Ch. 8 in April 1978, the news leader in this market was already WWL-TV having passed WDSU several years before.  Bill Elder, Angela Hill , Garland Robinette with Nash Roberts & Hap Glaudi were their anchors and no one beat them in the monthly rating periods for 38 years.   Sure Ch. 8 beat them several times during hurricane coverage, but never during the main MONTHLY rating periods.   Until May 2016.   FOX 8 at 10 pm is now the most watched newscast breaking the nearly 4 decade hold enjoyed by Ch. 4.    FOX 8 at 9 PM is the most watched newscast overall, but it has that time period  all to itself.   No other television market in the country has had such a long dominance by one station.   That dominance is no longer as we have 3 stations that are fighting to be # 1.  For this May rating book, Ch. 8 is the NEW # 1 at 10 PM.   Bravo!


The other “Epic”  news is an article by AP science writer Seth Borenstein titled “Discovery may less warming forecast”.   Unless I missed something over the years, this is the 1st time Mr. Borenstein has written anything against global warming.  In the article it states, “ the way these simulations work, it would mean that greenhouse gases haven’t been quite as potent in producing warming so far as scientists thought.”  Who knew?  We have all been told something else for years.   Will wonders ever cease?


We have arrived at the daily 90+ highs, but while out walking my dog tonight, it’s still not to the awful evenings feel yet.  In fact, with a light breeze, it felt “comfortable” .   Out east of Florida, it appears a tropical system is slowly developing.  All signs indicate it will be an east coast issue with us staying on the dry side.  Enjoy your weekend.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Big Sky Country - Beautiful !

I’ve just returned from a wonderful trip out west to see my middle son in Missoula, Montana.  We were joined by his geologist brother who guided us up into Glacier National Park for a terrific hike around waterfalls up to a lake with snowcapped Mountains as our backdrop.  I learned a lot about what our Planet was like many millions of years ago.  For instance, did you know Missoula was once covered by 2,000 feet of water?  Yep, way back when, sea levels were 300 feet higher than they are now.  What?  Sea levels rose before?  Who knew?   Or how about the Cave Bears that were numerous back 400,000 years ago only to be extinct by 30,000 years ago.  Why?  Researchers believe CLIMATE CHANGE was a major factor.  What?  Climate change happened before?   Who knew?   I read these things in the Montana Museum of History.  In fact, just studying rock formations shows how the Earth’s climate has been forever changing.   So the question is why?   What caused the warming & cooling in the past?  What was the DRIVER of the CYCLES?   The climate modelers want us to believe CO2 is driving the current warming cycle, but CO2 levels were higher in the past and the Planet didn’t keep warming.  But who knew?  Past records clearly show a warmer Planet is a better place to live.  During the colder cycles, life was way more difficult.  Yet we hear very little about that debate.  What we do hear is the constant article after article of doom & gloom.  Fair & balanced?  Hardly!  To be continued.


Temps in Montana were on the chilly side with nights in the 40s & days in the 50s.   So when I arrived back in N.O., I was expecting to feel the heat.   But nooooooo!  It actually felt nice today.  The summer uglies have yet to arrive.  Much of the country has had a below normal May temperature-wise, but summer will eventually show up and the AGW crowd will again shout how hot it is.  Duh…it’s called Summer!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

On Borrowed Time...

Usually by mid-May we begin to feel more summer-like as highs approach 90 BUT the humidity levels increase to make us feel hotter.   So far, this May has not been that way for the 1st 2 weeks.  I find watching the DEW POINT temperature gives a much more accurate reading of the amount of moisture in the air.  Typically, when the dew point is below 60, most of us call it “good feel” air.  It may be warm 85-88, but it’s not awful.   Once the dew points top 65, many of us start to feel uncomfortable and above 70+ it’s just oppressive.  This weekend we enjoyed dew points in the 40s & 50s, but that will change this week.   In fact we were back to 60 this afternoon and will flirt with 70 by Tuesday.   70+ dew points indicate there is a lot of water vapor in the air and if any upper disturbances come along, coupled with daytime heating, we could see periods of heavy rainfall.  That is possible later this week.  Too soon to know if we’ll again see any flooding problems but it’s something you’ll need to pay attention to as we get to midweek.   Until then, I’m going back out on my patio with my glass of chardonnay & my dog Bailey and we’ll enjoy what’s left of our last, perhaps final cool front until October.  Stay tuned.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Marvelous May

Even though we’ve hit the upper 80s and even 90 in spots, I’ve yet to feel really uncomfortable during the heat of the day.  While playing golf this afternoon there was a breeze and it was warm but not hot.  Why?   Because a front brought us some drier air and that is what made eating out on the back patio so enjoyable tonight.   Tomorrow & most of Sunday look equally as nice before the muggies return next week.  It appears we’ll also see a much better chance for rain during the week, but after a dry, sunny weekend, my lawn & garden will need a drink.


I haven’t been in the mood to do many postings lately since it’s the same old arguments being repeated day after day.    Garland calls his show on the radio  “The Think Tank”.   Listening to both radio & TV lately, it sounds like most people are in “The Stink Tank” !  Every little think bothers them and they appear determine to make all of us equally miserable like them.    I choose to stay positive, listen a lot and wonder how I can be of service?   As our Creator once said…”Peace be with you”. 


In a few weeks I’ll be talking about hurricane season in my daily/weekly blogs.  Normally we don’t have much activity until August & September.   Hopefully the threats will stay far away again this summer?