Monday, July 6, 2015

Heat Wave...

I find it interesting the AGW crowd always links any summer heat wave to man.   As a believer that ocean currents, solar radiation & volcanoes play a much greater role,  one just has to look at the SST anomaly over the Pacific to find a raging El Nino going on.   We SHOULD be seeing some record heat during an El Nino summer & that is happening in Europe.   Only the western U.S. has had a really hot start to summer.  Dallas has yet to top 100 & I don’t think Chicago has hit 90 but once.  But I know the agenda…


The Tropics are exploding over the western Pacific with 3 named storms & that is where the MJO is in the favorable (rising air) mode.  The Atlantic is in the sinking air mode & that, coupled with African dust & strong wind shear should mean little, if any activity for the rest of this month.  Remember it’s August & September that we need to be on high alert as that is , historically, the peak (most active) of hurricane season.   Locally, an upper high will slide our way capping any shower activity later this week.  Below normal showers result in above normal temps.  We could flirt with 100 degrees this weekend!  Yikes!  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Holiday Weekend? Typical July Heat

The expression is “hot as a firecracker on the 4th of July”.   Well, we are seasonally hot, but the extreme heat continues to stay away from us.  That’s partly due to enough daily storms that bring temporary cooling relief.   We may not see the rain coverage like today (80%+) over the next 3-4 days, but it will rain somewhere every day…the locations will vary.   I don’t see us getting back to a “typical” summer pattern of SE trade winds anytime soon.  IF an upper high over the West shifts over us next week, we will get “hot as a firecracker”, but it will come well beyond the 4th of July.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Good Bye June, Hello Heat...

June 2015 will go down as the 13th warmest June (out of 68) on record at MSY.   What I find interesting is the lack of “extreme” heat (95+).  In fact, this was the second June in a row with ZERO days 95+.  Compare that to the hottest summer (2011) ever when June had 16 days of 95+ days.  We may go into a brief heat wave over the weekend into next week, but models do not show that heat lasting all month.  Of course, every day here in the summer is hot.   It’s the degree of the heat.  There is a big difference between a high of 93 & a high of 98+.   We’ll soon have the opportunity to find out how  that feels next week.


The western Tropical Pacific is starting to get active with 2 storms while the Atlantic remains under high wind shear and deep African dust.  We should not have anything to track for the next 10-14 days.

Monday, June 29, 2015

New Set For FOX 8...

Since our weather pattern is still locked with an east coast trough, we are seeing storm movement from the WNW to the ESE instead of the more typical summer SE to NW flow.   Expect more storms to fire off over night & during the day on Tuesday before we see rain chances lower  for Thursday & Friday.  Of course, fewer showers mean hotter temps.  We still haven’t reached 95 yet at MSY.


Back in the early 2000s, FOX 8 launched a new weather set (Da Weather Palace) that was state of the art at the time.  It served us well during Katrina, but got flooded out.  Our owners at the time would only rebuild it to what it was and didn’t improve on it or our graphics.  Now 10 years later, our newest owner (Raycom) has invested lots of $$$ to build me a new “weather palace”.   It includes a new, upgraded VIPIR computer connected to a Touch screen HUGE monitor just like the major networks.  It will take a while to learn all the new tools it can do, but I believe you’ll find VIPIR to be the best information  for you during any severe weather or hurricane events.  Luckily, it appears the tropics are staying quiet as I learn the many ways I can look into a storm and see where the worst weather is.  If you missed tonight’s launch, try giving us a view.  I think you’ll like the new look.  Stay tuned!