Monday, February 24, 2020

Rain is Breaking Up...

As my oldest son (Rob) texted me several minutes ago, radar apparently is indicating the band of rain to our west is weakening/falling apart as it approaches NOLA.  As the main upper energy has lifted far to our north, the bulk of the rain across the South has shifted to our north & east with the trailing band looking weaker and weaker. 

This is great news for tonight's parades.  Let's hope the trend continues.    Tuesday's forecast hasn't changed and, if you don't mind lots of clouds, Mardi Gras should be dry with mild (65-70) temps.  The real cold arrives after dark.

Being retired, I get to see things that, when I was working, I'd miss.  This afternoon I watched the Kobe Bryant tribute in Los Angeles that was both powerful and uplifting.   His wife, Vanessa, was
incredible as were Michael Jordan and Shaquille O'Neal and others.   Frankly, I didn't like Kobe as I was a Bulls & Celtic fan (didn't like Magic either!).   After listening to all the tributes regarding who Kobe touched both on the court and off,  I have changed my mind.    Was he perfect?  But who is?   Kobe was way more than just a great basketball player.   He became a wonderful father and husband in his later years.     He affected so many and brought joy to most.   So glad I was able to see the emotion packed tribute.  I'm sure you can find it on You-Tube.   Stay tuned!

It's Going To Be a Close Call...

A storm system over the central plains is dragging a cold front down towards us.  Ahead of the front is a band of showers & T-Storms with the leading edge now nearing Baton Rouge.

The meeting of Rex & Zulu happens around 6 pm at the foot of Canal Street and RIGHT NOW, that event should be dry.  Proteus & Orpheus will not be as lucky as the band of rain should arrive after 7 pm and continue for several hours.  If you are going to view these parades, definitely bring the rain gear.   The outlook for Mardi Gras is better.

The cloud shield should linger with slightly cooler temperatures, but all the rain should be gone before daybreak.    All in all, it should be fairly nice for Fat Tuesday with temps 65-70.  The colder air roars in after dark and it's back to Winter weather gear for Wednesday through Friday with some freezing temps coming for the North Shore and 35-40 south on Thursday & Friday mornings.   Despite bright sunshine, highs will struggle to get into the low to mid 50s.   The real cold (25-30 below zero) lingers up in Canada and several surges of that chill will funnel into the lower 48 for the first 10 days of March.  

Despite the higher sun angle, we are not out of the woods for a late season frost or freeze, especially on the North Shore.  Finally, the Mississippi River is expected to crest at 16.5 feet at the Carrollton gage on Sunday.   With more rain falling to our north, high water levels will continue for many weeks.  Let's hope no major rain system develops until the river falls below 14 feet here.  Stay tuned!