Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Imelda Has Come & Gone...

It took NHC until midday to name Imelda (should have been TD last night) and after just 3 advisories, NHC says her winds are gone.   However, she will remain a heavy rainmaker over east Texas for the next 2-3 days.

NHC forecasts a slow track to the north much like Allison that stalled and looped back to the south.  Let's hope Imelda's remains don't do the same.
Humberto is now a Cat. 3 pulling away from the east coast, but his winds will give Bermuda quite a battering.   For us it's more record heat with no real relief until late NEXT week.

Tropical Storm Imelda...Really?

If you read my post from last night, I mentioned watching David point out a well defined circulation on radar and wondered why NHC wasn't at least making it a TD since it was so close to the coast.  Fast forward to today and NHC not only made it a Tropical Depression but upgraded it to Tropical Storm Imelda.  Fortunately this system is moving (N at 7 mph), but it is bringing torrential rains to the Houston area.

Not going to dump on NHC, but they know that giving a tropical system a name alerts folks that something substantial is coming.  The northward motion will keep the rain shield to our west so we will miss out on needed rainfall.  Will try to update later tonight.  Stay tuned!