Thursday, November 20, 2014

Keeping PACE with Bob

Today is the first day (probably in decades) that my “normal” heart rate is stable at 60+.   For those who don’t know, I had a pacemaker implanted yesterday due to a “dangerously low” pulse of 33 beats/min.  People ask…”how are you feeling?”   Since I was feeling great with the low rate, the only difference I’ve noticed so far is my hands, nose, ears & feet are not cold.   What a difference it is!   Thankfully I saw my internist for an annual physical as I didn’t have any symptoms.  I could have blacked out while on the highway going 65 mph.  Yikes!   Let me again say it…PAY ATTENTION.   Take care of your body or it will take care of you.  Have regular checkups.  Make it just like your twice a year teeth cleaning visits, except you just see your internist once.  Establish baseline guide lines from when you’re 40 years old.   Twice now my doctor discovered things I had that gave off no symptoms.    Sure, a lot of cancers & heart problems etc. are treatable, but it is much easier if PREVENTABLE.   “Keeping Pace with Bob” will air on FOX 8 Friday night at 9 & 10 pm.  As usual, Nancy Parker does a remarkable job of storytelling.  I invite you to watch.


The big chill has left for now as a huge warm up is coming for this weekend.  A strong upper disturbance is likely to trigger some strong storms Saturday evening into Sunday morning. Our next cold surge arrives Monday night through Thanksgiving, but it won’t be as cold as this past one.   Stay tuned!   I’ll be back on FOX 8 Monday at 5 PM.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Let the Journey Begin

As I mentioned in a previous blog, during my annual physical last week, it was discovered my low heart rate (years of being a runner) had slowed down into a “dangerously low” stage.  Most folks have a heart (pulse) rate between 60-100.  Mine was down to 33.  Worse yet, during sleep, my heart stopped beating for up to 10 seconds.   The mystery remains “why don’t I have any symptoms” of a slow rate?  The fact is, unless I get a pacemaker, my rate will continue to slow just due to the aging process.   I will have my pacemaker implanted Wednesday morning at 11 AM.   If all goes well, I’ll return to Ch. 8 next Monday with a new “tick to my Ticker!”  I’ll try to update my blog later this week.     The lesson learned here is you must keep up with your health.  I thank my long time internist Dr. james Conway for alerting me to a danger BEFORE I even had any symptoms.  Usually, if symptoms start to show up, it often is too late.   Get your regular check up my friends!


It will be colder in the morning since I don’t expect any clouds around to save us like this morning.   Hopefully, the freeze will not cause any major problems?  A warm up starts Wednesday PM and will last through the weekend.   Some stormy weather could return late Saturday so keep up on the weather later this week.


There is a new report that CO2 does NOT cause Global Warming.  Instead it’s ozone depletion caused by volcano eruptions.  Wow! Interesting.  Consensus?  I don’t think so.   Stay informed Gang.

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Records Will Tumble...

The current Arctic cold that grips the nation will shatter many record lows tomorrow morning and that will include Slidell & cities north of lake P.   The weekend warm up elevated the water temp. of Lake P. so that we have a “lake effect” on the south shore, especially on the East Bank.   Mid to upper 20s are likely north & west of the Lake while mid to upper 30s will rule south.   As the center of high pressure moves across us during the day, winds will diminish.  Wednesday morning could again be near or below freezing before a warm up begins that will last into next week.   Look for several big southern storms coming before Thanksgiving with a return of Arctic chill later this month.   This will be a snowy, brutally cold winter for much of the nation.   It will tax the oil & gas industry’s supplies to keep the folks up north warm since nuclear & coal power plants have been eliminated.  Higher demand, fewer supplies = higher prices.     What about solar?   Ask the folks in Buffalo how often they see the sun during the winter?   Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Extreme Changes

Wow, no wonder folks get sick in the Fall/Winter time as temperatures swing from too cold (30s) one day to near Spring-like(77) 2 days later.  The body doesn’t have time to acclimate, hence folks get the sniffles, colds & flu.   Another Arctic Blast arrives after midnight and it’ll be back to the heavy weather gear on Monday as temperatures fall from the 50s into the 40s by midday with strong north winds.  Record cold is likely for Tuesday and Wednesday mornings before another big warm up returns for late week.   Some welcomed rains will accompany the front tonight with a rumble or two of thunder.  This up & down pattern is likely to continue for the rest of this month.


On a more serious note, I underwent my annual physical this week and had great blood work!   I have been feeling terrific with lots of energy and was down 9 lbs. since last December.  However, my long time internist was concerned that my normal low heart rate (48-53 – long time runner) had dipped down to 33 beats/min.   Bottom line, I have undergone extensive cardio testing and doctors have told me I need a pacemaker.  My heart is pumping very efficiently.  This is not a blockage problem, but an electrical one.   I have family history so it is not totally unexpected.  However, I have none of the symptoms (light headedness, fainting, no energy, exhaustion ) that someone with such a low heart rate usually has.   This could require some time off from Ch. 8 and my blog site.   Please live each day as it might be your last.  You never know when your health takes a turn to the south.   Hopefully I’ll have good news for you tomorrow night?  Stay tuned!