Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bring on the warmth...

Just driving around the city and you'll see so much in bloom (allergy time!). The trees have "leafed" out, the grass is again green, Mother Nature is once again going thru the transition from Winter to Summer.  As the sun angle gets higher and the intensity stronger, we will see more daytime highs 80+ with fewer nights below 50.  Tonight may be the last below 50 night until next Fall as the center of high pressure moves right over us bringing clear skies & light winds.  South winds will bring back the warmth tomorrow followed by the humidity on Friday so enjoy the good feel while it lasts.  It'll feel more summer like this weekend until our next front arrives on Monday with our next stormy threat.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Climate Change Report...

Hard to believe that FOX 8 actually aired a report that dealt with an opposing viewpoint (from the government's) regarding Global Warming/Weather Extremes/Climate change.  The NIPCC (Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change) comes out tomorrow and is drastically different than the IPCC Report earlier this month.   Since BOTH groups claim "peer review", somebody is 1) lying or 2) fudging the facts or 3) both.   I can already hear the wrath (hate) from the climate modelers.  Stay tuned!

Today tuned out to be just as upper low (cold pool) moving across the Gulf South coupled with daytime heating triggering widespred showers & T-Storms with small hail.  Fortunately, the rest of this week looks quiet and WARMER !   Just to have all day sunshine...yippee!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Jackets & Umbrellas needed...

Another upper disturbance will give us a threat for more showers with some thunder, maybe even some small hail, especially after the noon hour on Tuesday.   You'll want to have the rain gear nearby along with a light jacket as morning temps. near 70 will fall into the 50s by late PM.  Brisk north winds will make it feel even colder.  Finally all day sunshine returns on Wednesday along with a warming trend that will last the rest of this week.  We should finally reach 80 by Friday.  Our next front is not expected until next Sunday.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tornado Watch Overnight...

I noticed my last blog talked about a severe weather threat.  We have another fairly high risk developing tonight as a front has lifted north of us placing all of south LA/MS.  under a Tornado Watch thru 3 AM.  With  much of the activity so far to our north & west, I feel it's likely SPC will have to extend the Watch hours beyond 3 AM.  It appears our greatest chances for storms comes between 2 AM & 6 AM.   FOX 8 will begin hourly updates as conditions warrant.  April here is typically our stormiest month regarding a tornado threat.  Tonight we have a powerful upper disturbance plowing colder air into a warm, moisture rich atmosphere along with a strong (fast moving) upper level jet stream that screams "ALERT, ALERT!"   Tonight is pay attention time, but as usual the threat is coming after dark so I hope many of you already have purchased the programmable severe weather alert radio from Midland Electronics.  Stay safe.

I watched the Ann Curry NBC  Krocumentary tonight regarding Climate Change.  Great pictures, but so many half truths.  It was clear at the end that they had an agenda.   Man is responsible for Climate Change ( like it's never happened before), but worse, man can somehow reverse it.  One of the Arctic scientists did mention the warming was partly due to ocean currents, but clearly avoided using the term CYCLE.   As this brutal winter lingers into a cool Spring with signs that next Winter will be just as cold, what will it take to get the journalists to look at "just the facts, Ma'am".  Where is Joe Friday (Dragnet for you youngsters) when we need him!