Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June Turning Wet...

This month began in a dry pattern carried over from the last week in May. But the last 5 days has seen a return to more typical June wetness...after all, on average for the last 30 years, June is our wettest month with nearly 7" expected. Today will go down as a dry day as the official reporting site, Louis Armstrong Airport, received no rain. However, much of Orleans and parts of Jefferson were drenched with 1-3"+ in about an hour causing some minor street flooding. That's the way it is in the South in the Summer. T-Storms can build 7-8+ miles in the vertical, but only be one to two miles across in the horizontal. That's why one street can get flooded while several blocks away it remains dry. Our greatest danger here is lightning so if you hear thunder, you need to seek shelter as the lightning threat is getting close.

The next several days should see above normal/average showers & T-Storms with coverage 60-70%. If a front nears over the weekend, our daily rain chances will stay high. Keep those umbrellas handy Gang !

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