Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snow No Go...Sorry this time.

What I look for in computer models is for run to run consistency. That happened 2 days ago. However, to show the folly of projecting 5-10 days ahead, bada boom, the models now show 1)the upper trof not digging to our west and 2) lifting more to our east. the results 1) not as cold and 2) moisture swept away before we can get cold enough to snow. The heralded "Gulf Low" may now be just an open wave until it gets farther to the East Coast and turns into a strong Nor'Easter. We will still get cold(altho slightly delayed) but NO Snow here this time.

Came across a great article by one of my mentors, John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel and now with KUSI-TV San Diego. For those of you who want an understanding of how the Global Warming movement/religion was formed, go to this link: You'll see why it's all about MONEY and not real science.


Lisa said...

One of the most interesting write ups on GM that I've seen. Thanks for sharing the link! :)

ONLYREAL said...

I think The Center of the Surface Low is gonna pass right over the mouth of the river. Much Closer to us than what the models are saying.