Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Freeze Tonight...Big Weekend Warm Up !

As discussed yesterday, a major pattern shift in the upper air will cut off the cold air flow over the SE and I see no cold fronts coming until next Wed. or Thursday. That front should be of Pacific origins so it won't be like the cold air we have now, which is from the Arctic. Over night lows will depend on the winds...if they go near calm...Southshore will dip to 27-31 with the Northshore 20-25. Full precautions Northshore...Southshore should protect pets, plants & people. If the winds stay up just a little bit (5-10 mph) Southshore might stop 30-35. Tomorrow will be 55-60, Friday 65-70, Sat-Wed 70+. We'll then have to worry about dense fog.

I'm enjoying Global Warming Alarmists, like my old school (Univ. of Michigan) Jeff Masters trying to explain why the Planet is cooling when atmospheric CO2 keeps increasing. Remember they(Al Gore etc) predicted doom & caps melting, sea levels rising, disease spreading yada, yada, yada. A couple of points regarding Dr. Masters' temperature charts. He excluded Dr. Roy Spenser's (Univ. of Alabama Earth System Science Center) temp. charts that show more cooling than the other 3 Dr. Masters focuses on. Go do a Google search on Dr. Spenser & see what he says regarding GW. He has a great book about the hoax of CO2 & global warming


ONLYREAL said...

When may I come and Visit your studio?

Bob Breck said...

Anyone can contact me to come visit the FOX 8 Weather Office. 504-483-1800. I'm usually in by 1:30 PM. Leave message on my voice mail & I'll call you back. I'm always ready to help others who may want to get into this business.

tynesnms said...


Did you mention snow again earlier???

Amanda Hoke said...

Hi Bob,

This isn't a weather related comment, but want you to know that I love reading your blob and figured this was the best way to get in touch with you.

I wanted to know if you could make an announcement regarding a fund raiser on March 13 for MD, Muscular Dystrophy, called Dancing for Dystrophy at Generations Hall. The Bucktown Allstars will be playing and they will have tons of food from New Orleans' best restaurants.

I was trying to think of a way to help out for this event and thought of you. I always enjoy when you announce information about local school fairs!

Just a little background, My best friends 2 1/2 year old son, his name is Wyatt, was diagnosed with MD shortly after his first birthday. Ever since that day, Wyatt's parents have been working day and night to find out all that they can to help their son live his life to the fullest. He's such a special little boy and becoming a new mom just 9 weeks ago, I couldn't imagine what they are going through. I can say that god picked the perfect parents for Wyatt :)

It's amazing how much love they've poured into this project and I know they would be so grateful if you could mention this fund raiser during your broadcast.

Please contact me at and I'll provide you with the flyer and website.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you!