Monday, May 4, 2009

1st 90 Day...Right On Time...

Looking back over the past 3 years, we've reached the time when high temperatures start reaching 90 once again. 2006 hit 91 on April 17...2007 hit 90 on May 13th (Mother's Day) and in 2008 we hit 90 on May 21st. It appears late this week or maybe on Mother's Day (May 10th) we'll see the 1st 90 of 2009? Not that we can't wait for the heat, it's just that time of the year again. Include termite season too!

Long term models indicate no fronts are likely for the rest of this week. As the jet stream shifts farther north, the only trigger for developing any rain will be daytime heating coupled with the seabreeze front. Bottom line...rain chances will stay slim for the rest of this week.

We are working on improving the FOX 8 website. While that is happening, radar data on my site is limited. Hopefully that'll be back shortly. Thanks for being patient.

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Bourbon St. Blues said...

Speaking of 90 degree temps...

Saturday my pool temp was 82, unfornuately I just shocked it and was cleaning it and we did not go swimming....with the rain and cloudy skies on Sunday, the pool temp dropped to 79 and it was too cool for me to go swimming...but my kids braved the water and went swimming. Apparently their blood isn't as warm as mine.

Oh this weekend is looking good for a swim!!!