Monday, September 14, 2009

Mid September...All's Quiet

All right...I'm still trying to recover from the Tulane/BYU game...but at least Michigan came back against Notre Dame & Da Saints took care of the Lions, so all is not lost. The tropics remain strangely quiet...not complaining, but one wonders when it'll perk up again. Each day gets us closer to Fall and there are signs that finally a real cold front will arrive, but not until mid NEXT week. So not to let down our guard, but it is nice to not be watching an Ike like last year.

Don't know about you, but I've been enjoying reading Dr. Master's (WeatherUnderground) column recalling his ride into Hurricane Hugo some 20 years ago.

In the short term, we are in a transitional time of the year where the westerlies have retreated back into Canada and the tropical easterlies remain depressed far to the south. The result is a slow moving pattern that features a bunch of lows drifting about creating areas of excessive rainfall. On such low over north LA. tonight is dumping 6-8" of rain. Hopefully that will remain north of us, but we will see some scattered storms around the next several days, but nothing like what happened over the weekend.


Baxter said...

Seeing that pocket up in East Canada is killing me. Somethings got to give soon and let it come on down.

William said...

Last year's early fall definitely spoiled me - let's hope the cold air moves down soon, not just for a break from heat, but to cool the Gulf down a little more.