Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Typical February in 2011?

Wow, what a flip-flop weather wise as we started February 2011 with 12 straight days below normal and now are at 10 straight days above normal with no end in that current warm streak until next week. Looking back at the past 6 years finds we are right around the average number of 70+ days. Frankly, we are too warm too soon as my citrus trees are budding and will have blossoms coming out if this warmth continues. We still have plenty of time to get a real cold snap that could harm citrus and any tropical plants as we need to get beyond March 15th on the South Shore (Mar. 30th NS) for me to feel good about planting gardens. Best thing now is to start your seeds growing inside and by 3-4 weeks they'll be ready to transplant outside.

I have 2 orchids blooming now. They look beautiful! An orchid lover told me to feed them EVERY week instead of once a month. Budda boom, it works. Give it a try.

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Wiley said...

Just wondering about "OnlyReal".. How's he doing? I sometimes see someone behind you during the weather. Just wondering if it was him. Not used to him not posting on here once and a while.