Friday, May 4, 2012

1st 90 Degree Day...

Since all my records were drowned in Katrina, I can only easily go back to 2005 when looking at local highs/lows.  Today's 90 was the second earliest (April 17,2006 being 1st) that we hit 90.  So I thought... just for fun-zeys, let's look back at the Hurricane Season of 2006.  Maybe there is some relationship to earlier season heat & the # of storms.   Now I know it only covers 7 summers, but when we have early season 90+ days, we have BELOW NORMAL # of storms.  2006 only had 9 named storms and none had major impacts on the U.S.   Let's hope that relationship works this summer.

I can't remember in recent memory ( then again I forget what I had for breakfast!) both weekends of Jazz Fest being dry.  So far so good, but I can't help thinking, with dew points 70+ and surface temps hitting 90, we'll see several stray PM showers around Saturday and Sunday.  As usual, location will be key.   Models are hinting that an east coast trough is coming back for next week bringing not one, but two cold fronts into the Gulf South.  They will bring us more clouds & higher rain chances resulting in less hot temps.

Finally, get ready for an all out assault against anyone who doesn't believe that CO2 is the driver of our recent warm cycle.  It's coming from NOAA, NASA, Our Military leader(Leon Penetta), NCAR, UCAR, any University Professor feeding at the public trough of NSF.  An enormous amount of money will be spent to convince everyone that the Planet will keep warming (it's not), that sea levels will keep rising (they're not) & that we must rid ourselves of fossil fuels at any costs. This is not a black & white issue.  Please keep reading like I do as I try to determine who is lying & why. 

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