Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Waterspouts become Tornadoes

Whew!  What a day!  All was going smoothly until the NOAA Weather Radio alarm went off at 2:29 PM alerting us of several waterspouts over Caminada Bay north of Grand Isle.  The Fire Chief reported there were as many as 4 funnels that combined into 2 that clearly showed up in pictures.  Damage was widespread but relatively minor with no injuries reported.  The front that caused the storms has pushed into the Gulf bringing cooler and drier air for Thursday. It won't lst as the muggies return Friday PM and showers are back for Saturday & Sunday.

THE GFS model hinted that a tropical system will form down in the Caribbean late next week and head up the east coast east of Florida.  Joe Bastardi made the call last week for an early preseason storm east of 80 west.  Stay tuned!


Mike P. said...

I noticed on the Fox 8 Mobile app that the weather radar image is of West Virginia. Some sort of glitch?

Bob Breck said...

You did something wrong. Hit wrong button. You can program any place you want it to center on. Buttons are on top.

Mike P. said...

There is a "Storm Tracker 59" logo at the top of the radar map. Fox 59 is a station in Beckley, WV. Plus, I see no options for choosing a location.

Bob Breck said... must type in WVUE & hit search. Your are getting the app for the FOX station in West Virginia.

Mike P. said...

Bob... I have the WVUE app. Everything local for New Orleans is there except for the radar map.