Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dangerous, Excessive Heat...Oh C'mon !

Is it just me, or those of you over 50 ever remember being warned about the heat during summertime?  Back in the 50s & 60s, my family didn't have any air conditioning as did most folks around the neighborhood.  Nobody ever warned us about the danger of heat in the summer when the highs approached 100.  We knew it was hot. We knew you had to drink liquids to stay hydrated. We knew to take it easy during the midday sun. But never did we stop playing outside, or stop any of our little league games because...well, it's summer and it's supposed to be hot.  Duh !  Not anymore.   Washington thinks we are so stupid that they have to issue excessive heat warnings, have special press briefings with doctors warning us what to do and not do during summer heat.    Could my generation have been that much smarter?  Help me out here.

Oh yea, we do have a broad area of low pressure trying to form down over the southern Gulf. Development will be slow, but we could have Tropical Storm Debby, the 4th storm of the season, by late Friday or early Saturday.  Wind shear is strong right now, but the shear is expected to relax some over the weekend.  NHC has scheduled a hurricane hunter from BIX to investigate the system midday on Friday.  All indications right now keep us on the dry side of whatever develops with the wet side going toward central and south Florida Saturday & Sunday.  An unusually deep east coast trough will bring us a "cold" front for next week clearing away the muggies and making for nights in the 60s on the N-Shore and away from Lake P.  Stay tuned!


Mike P. said...

I hope the forecast for an easterly track for this system holds up - with my apologies to our friends in Florida!
By the way - seems like Dawn must be getting close to her blessed event. All our best to her and her eventual new arrival!

Bonjour said...

We played outdoors from early morning until the street lights came on...we knew when to drink fluids and when to stay in the shade...and we turned out pretty good...well some of us did HA!

Richard said...

Thanks for the Blog Bob!

Richard said...

I didn't have time to respond properly to your blog before because of the crazy day at the office.

I am 49 born in 1963. The generation of today doen't know what fun times are. I remember the highlight of my summer day was to wait for the ice cream truck to pass by my house so I could cool down. I would sit in a tree or tire swing and eat my ice cream and talk with my not person. Playing board games, running through the sprinkler, eating a cold watermelon under the beautiful Oak trees and taking in nature...yeah the heat too. We knew it was hot and had sense enough to do something about staying active yet healthy. If it isn't texted or emailed to you today, you don't do anything about it.

Computers made people lose touch with reality oh and nature too.

pontalba said...

Craziness! I was born in 1950, and remember when I was going to Metairie Jr. High School, as it was called then...later it was called Vernon C. Haynes, named after the late, great Vernon Haynes, can't remember what name it goes under nowadays. Anyhow, we'd watch the temperature sign across Metairie Road from us and bet whether or not it'd make 100F. Hovering around 98F and 99F, it was a close thing on those long September days in school. No a/c, fortunate if there was a fan in the classroom. Sheesh. We knew what to do. Stay still and drink water, no running around on the playground.

Global warming my Aunt Fanny. :rolleyes: