Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MJO Shifting Back Westward...

The Madden-Julian Oscellation (MJO) is showing signs of shifting it's favorable Phase (rising air) back westward into the eastern Pacific during the next 6-10 days.   That would mean we're likely to go into a quiet period for the beginning of July, maybe the whole month.  As the El Nino gets stronger, hopefully by the time we're into the heart of the season (Aug-Sept), the wind shear over the tropics will be enough to keep most storms away from us.    Stay tuned!

For the upcoming holiday weekend, the only tropical issue I see is a surge of moisture heading towards south & Central Texas where they need more rain.   We should get back to our typical daily PM storms keeping us away from record temperatures.  Oh, it'll still be hot 90-95, but not the brutal , dangerous upper 90s to 100+.

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