Monday, July 16, 2012

Tropics Have Gone To Sleep...

After that active start, lots of folks were wondering if the experts were too low with their numbers for this season?  The way it's looking right now, the Atlantic MDR is dead due to Saharan Dust & dry, sinking air. If there is going to be any activity in the next couple of weeks, it will likely be near where the previous 4 storms have formed...near the U.S. East Coast.   If El Nino does crank up and the shear increases over the tropics, we could well end up staying in the single digits for named storms. That would be nice.  Stay Tuned!

Locally, that deep blue sky today was vastly different than Sunday's.   We should see fewer storms around on Tuesday and perhaps for the rest of this week as we'll be on the dry side of upper lows to our east over Florida.  Fewer storms mean hotter Temps.

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